Both the Babylonians and the Egyptians built aqueducts to transport the most precious thing in life:water. Although aqueducts can be structurally very different, they need to be well designed, impeccably engineered and require regular maintenance. Nowadays, modern conglomerates require different services besides the ba- sic supply of water. The supply of electricity and gas in conjunction with that of water means that there is a need for complex multitasked infrastructures able to respond to a multitude of urban requirements. Ubaldi Costruzioni Spa has become a reference point for the cities administrations as regards to building, restructuring and modernizing of water storage units. The com- pany also deals with the extensions, interconnections of, and connections to, the waterways networks. We also carry out interventions aimed at upgra- ding the structure of cities aqueducts and improving their efficiency. To sum up Ubaldi Costruzioni can deal with both the ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance of the waterways facilities, electricity and gas networks.


• Engineering works carried out to build and interconnection and various connections to the waterworks system of Gorgovivo. 1st – 2nd lot – 3rd stage

Agency for the supply of energy – Spoleto (PG)
• Building of the aqueduct Boilana and extension of the waterworks and gas net- work in the area of Perchia.

Consorzio di Tennacola (AP) Consortium of Tennacola (AP)
• Construction of new tank located in Montegiorgio.

City of Bevagna (PG)

• Road surfacing and maintenance of road signs.

Consortium of Gorgovivo (AN)

• Extension of water and gas networks in the industrial area of Abbadia and in road Concio, Camerano.

• Intervention n. 6 for the renewal of the waterworks system and gas network for ml 21,000 and 1150 connections to the network.

Waterworks city consortium of the town of Piano (AP)
• Building of a new aqueduct “Utenti Fermani”.

C.I.S.- Consortium for the provision of town services
• Engineering and construction works carried out for upgrading and improving the efficiency of the water sanitary system.

City of Ostra (AN)

• Upgrading and renewal of the city aqueducts and construction of a water system interconnection with the town of Gorgovivo.

City of Senigallia (AN)

• Upgrading and renewal of the town water and sanitary system.

A.S.P.M. Osimo (AN)

• Ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenan- ce of the water, gas and electricity networ- ks.

Multiservizi Spa Ancona

• Shifting of water pipes in the port area.

Consortium of Tennacola (AP)

• Construction works for a new tank in the

City of Montegiorgio. CIIP SPA - “Cicli Integrati Impianti Primari SPA”

• Replacing sections of supplying pipeline in sections ranging from the Municipality of Acquasanta Terme to the Pizzo Murello, Cervara and Rosara areas. Municipality of Ascoli Piceno.