From the late 1800s natural engineering projects have been carried out to address environmental problems such as hydrogeological instabilities caused by natural phenomena such as landslides. This particular area of our activity deals with technical interventions that consolidate areas affected by land or soil erosion. In recent years public opinion improved awareness and sensibility towards environmental issues and technical developments in natural engineering have increased the quality and safety of our landscapes. Among the projects carried out in this specific field Ubaldi Costruzioni has intervened in are- as affected by falling rocks and hydrogeological instability with engineering work aimed at consolidating soil and reclaiming land. Our modus operandi is to intervene speedily and appropriately to solve problems permanently.

A.N.A.S. Roads management authority

• Maintenance work of an escarpment affected by landslide on the ring-road Ascoli-Porto D’Ascoli.

• Work carried out to protect the national road S.S 77 from falling of rocks throu- gh the consolidation of terrain and the erection of protection barriers.

• Containment of an escarpment affected by landslide on the national road S.S 4.

• Upgrading of the safety levels of the national road S.S 361 through consolida- tion of the road’s rock escarpment.

• Consolidation of the supporting walls around the junction of Montesampaolo and consolidation of the escarpments affected by the April 1992 floods around the slip road Ascoli-Porto D’Ascoli.

• Upgrading, supplying and fitting of road protection panels for the slip road Ascoli-Porto D’Ascoli.

• Maintenance work carried out to elimi- nate the danger of falling rocks around the national road S.S.4.

• Consolidation of an escarpment affec- ted by landslide on the ring road Ascoli Piceno.

City of Arrone

• Urgent maintenance work on areas affec- ted by hydrogeological instability in the area Castagnola – Vallefredda.

City of Cingoli (MC)

• Hydrogeological land reclamation con- cerning the ditch around the area of San Flaviano.

City of Montegranaro

• Maintenance and land reclamation of a north facing area of Ancona affected by hydrogeological instability.

City of Civitanova Marche (MC)

• Land consolidation and maintenance work in the town centre’s ring-road.

City of Cerreto of Spoleto (PG)

• Soil consolidation of the area affected by hydrogeological instability regarding the town road Nortosce.