We believe a great company can be described as such if it possesses two fundamental requirements: the means to realize a project (human expertise and technical re- sources) and a wide enough range of quality services able to satisfy the demand of the most diverse clientele. Du- ring the last 50 years, Ubaldi Costruzioni has constantly increased the quality and breadth of its services thanks to the implementation of continuous investments in a multitude of areas. The constant investment in our infrastructures and the upgrading of its technical equipment have put the company in a position to offer an un- paralleled quality and expertise for each stage of any given project. Ubaldi Costruzioni also guarantees a prompt response when extraordinary work is required in case of an emergency. From the very beginning we have constantly strived to improve the quality of our work and the range of services we offer because we believe that the words ‘to build’ don’t simply mean ‘to develop’. We firmly believe that safety in all its aspects must be a priority for any serious company and has been Ubaldi Costruzioni modus operandi since the very beginning. Safety, also remains a priority for the group when investing or expanding into other business areas. Beside its core business, Ubaldi Costruzioni has recently branched out into other areas by creating two branches dedicated to investing in real estate properties and in the industrial sector. This expansion has enabled the Company to grow further, to take on highly specialized work, and to maintain its prominent position as one of the le- ading enterprises in the national market.