Photo (from left to right): Guido UbaldiGabriele Gaspari, Costantino Rozzi


The origins of Ubaldi Construction company go back to the post war period. Thanks to the excellent business sense of its hard working founder, Guido Ubaldi, a small family run busi- ness originally called ‘Impresa Ubaldi di Ubaldi Massimo&co’ expanded rapidly, and in a relatively short time became a li- mited company, the ‘Ubaldi Costruzioni srl. In 2003, under the leadership Guido’s son Massimo, the business became a joint-stock company with a 50 strong workforce. The company core business remains anchored today as it was in the past in real estate development particularly in the industrial and commercial construction sector. Thanks to a highly skilled and specialized wor- kforce and the constant implementation of the most up to date technology, the company has gained unique expertise, competence and a high degree of specialisation in the construction sector. Whenever the company embarks on a new project, our staff carry out a detailed analysis of the tasks ahead in order to plan the job in the most efficient way and obtain the very best results both in terms of quality and financial rewards. Planning ahead, we believe, works in our clients best interest as it optimizes their investments. From the very beginning Ubaldi has strived to offer the most innovative products and services both in the public and private construction sectors. As qualified experts, we are able to design, develop and deliver complex structures such as in- dustrial buildings, commercial, financial and business centres, hotels, hospitals, roads, motorways, bridges, and viaducts. Thanks to Guido Ubaldi’s vision, business sense and great will power, the company he created more than 50 years ago continues to grow today. In the 1980’s the company adopted a strategy which envisaged a substantial increase of investment in human resources, professional training courses and the most up-to date technology. This strategy paid off and today the company is a leading player in the construction industry sector in Italy, offering outstanding expertise, and innovative solutions. In 1989, Massimo Ubaldi took over his father’s company, becoming the sole legal representative, commercial director and administrator of the Ubaldi Construzioni. Today Massimo, a skilled entrepreneur, controls, and is the director of, several building contractor companies. Through these companies, Ubaldi Costruzioni Spa has carried out important development projects throughout the whole of central Italy.