Commercial Maritime business today plays a very important role in modern economies. Good connections to holiday resorts, often provided by ports are the best way to improve tourism, a resource which is fundamental to the national economy of many countries. Italy is a sea nation with many ports of various dimensions. Ancona, on the Adriatic Sea, is the Marche region’s capital, and one of the most important ports with a flux of 1.5 million passengers per year. Of great importance for the company, this strategic sector has completed important work.

The port authority of Ancona

• Construction of n. 4 quays for the do- cking of ferries nearby the Isa factory in the Port of Ancona for the Consorzio Stabile Marche Sud.

• Construction of new quays for ferry do- cking in the port of Ancona.

• Engineering work for the closure of the old docks Fincantieri S.p.a.” Ati C.a.p.p.a. Srl.

• Engineering works to address the ports viability through the construction of a railways bridge for the connection of  quays 23 and 25 and the Ancona railways station.

• Renovation and extension of the Morini docking quays in the port of Ancona.

Ministero delle infrastrutture e dei trasporti provveditorato interregionale per le opere pubbliche per la Toscana, le Marche e l’Umbria

• Entrusting the work of restoring the material coming from the sloughing of the lake of graces, in order to restore the operation of the exhaust systems. City of Tolentino.

• Extra-ordinary maintenance work for quay along Calata Caio Duilio and the one in front of the Nautical Club. Port of Pesaro.