To assemble is a job, but to build is an art. Ubaldi Costruzioni core business deals with the construction of industrial, commercial and civil properties.Thanks to our consolidated experience both at local and national level, we have taken on numerous industrial development projects to address the spe- cific requirements of business activities as diverse as heel factories, plants for the preparation and packaging of salmon, industrial laundries and shoe factories. Important experiences in the realization of industrial structures specialized in shipyards for the construction of luxury boating. We have also undertaken numerous projects concerning the designing, planning and construction of buildings destined to the commercial sector such as business centres of various dimensions, state of the art maxi stores, and cutting edge commercial buildings such as the innovative project of the Centro Direzionale - a flagship building located in the business area of Ba- raccola, just outside the region’s capital Ancona. We have also carried out a considerable number of development projects destined to the civil use which are testimony of our experience in this parti- cular field: from multi storey parking facilities to city libraries, from gyms to roadman’s houses, from private villas to local police stations to Archives for the Ministry of Justice.

Ministry of Justice

• Building of real estate units constituting the building located in Ascoli Piceno Via Piemonte to be used as headquarters of the Notary Archives.

Cantiere delle Marche Srl

• Building of a new shed for shipbuilding activities in the port area of Ancona, via E. Mattei n. 36

Palumbo Ancona Shipyard ISA S.r.l.

• Restructuring with demolition of the complex denominated the capannets inside the shipyard Palumbo Ancona Shipyard ISA S.r.l.

Banca delle Marche (Montegranaro)

• Building works for an industrial property “Il villaggio del Lavoro”. User/Client: Bora.

Locat Spa

• Building of a new industrial property in Montegranaro. User/Client: Macap.

Millennium Srl Montegranaro (AP)

• Building of a factory producing shoe soles.

Agrileasing Spa (Roma)

• Building of a factory located in Montegranaro(AP). User/client: “Scatolificio Emar Srl”.

Medioleasing spa – Gruppo Banca delle Marche, Jesi (AN)

• Building of a factory in Montegranaro. User/Client: Asian Group Srl.

Frigotecnica Industriale Spa

• Building of a salmon factory located in Civitella del Tronto (TE).

City of Ancona

• Building of a 700-space multi storey par- king facility located in the area of Archi in Ancona.

Inatex Spa

• Building of an industrial laundry located in Ascoli Piceno.

Cooperative Galassia and Cooperative Omicron

• Construction of 46 lodgings in the area of Cupetta in Camerano.

Velarium srl

• Construction of factory in the area of Ancarano (TE).

Ascolana Salumi srl

• Completion of factory located in Ancarano (Te).


• Construction of a factory in Ascoli Piceno

Fineco Leasing Spa (BS)

• Enlargement of factory in Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata. User/client: D’Auria Spa.

• Construction of a factory located in the industrial district of the town of Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata (Te). User/client: D’Auria printing Spa.

• Construction of a factory located in Controguerra (TE). User/client: Agatech Spa.

• Construction of a factory in Ascoli Pice- no User/client: Comet/Tarlazzi.

“Ditta Specializzata dei Piceni” srl (AP)

• Construction of a factory in Ascoli Piceno.

Esaleasing Spa (AN)

• Construction of a factory located in Montegranaro. User/client: “Guardilificio Moderno Snc”.

Nuovi Investimenti Srl (AP)

• Building work carried out for the exten- sion of the production factory Newform located in Centobuchi di Monteprandone (AP). Building work also included the construction and completion of loading/ downloading areas and some external maintenance work.

S.Paolo Leasing - Tarlazzi

• Construction of a new Tarlazzi outlet for Comet/Pescara.

“Professionisti Associati”

• Construction of a property destined for managerial use in the commercial and business area of Baraccola in Ancona.

City of Fermo

• Work carried out to build 45 lodgings and 350 parking spaces in the underground car park.

F.B.M.A. Sud Srl

• Construction of a button factory located in Villa Lempa in Civitella del Tronto (TE).

Magazzini Gabrielli Spa (AP)

• Construction of the SLP shopping centre covering an area of 21,500 square metres.

Tresor Spa – Cesi Cooperativa Imolese

• Construction of the shopping centre “CittaĚ€ delle Stelle” located in Ascoli Piceno.

Boldrin Spa

• Construction of a commercial building covering an area of 15,000 square meters located in Ascoli Piceno.

Piceno Consind

• Construction of a commercial property destined to the service sector located in Novico in Ascoli Piceno.

City of Ancona

• Construction of a crosswalk and lift nearby the railways overpass north of Palom- bina.

• Construction of wall niches in the ceme- tery of Tavernelle.

City of San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)

• Construction and completion of the new public library and conference hall in the new city hall.


• Construction of a new factory in Ascoli Piceno.

City of Fermo

• Completion of a parking lot built with prefrabrcated elements.

Azienda Spaciale Consorziale Trasporti Terni

• Construction of a parking lot located in the area nearby the Marmore waterfalls.

Poste Italiane – Sede di Ancona

• Construction of Italian Post Office new Ancona Headquarters located in Petripoli (Ascoli Piceno).

Il Samaritano

• Construction of a new centre for the less ables located in Posatora (AN).

A.S.P.M. Osimo (AN)

• Renewal of the ex Lenco factory destined to new industrial use.

City of Castelfidardo (AN)

• Renewal of cinema and theatre “Astra”.

Provincia Italiana della Congregazione dei Missionari di S.Carlo-Scalabriniani”

• Extra-ordinary maintenance and extension of the culinary school ‘Istituto Alberghiero’ “Villa Pio VII”

• Extra-ordinary maintenance, upgrading and extension of the youth and peregrine centre “Villa Pio VII”.

City of Santa Maria Nuova (AN)

• Construction of 200 wall niches and maintenance of the city cemetery.

City of Numana (AN)

• Enlargement and external maintenance of the city cemetery.

City of Camerano (AN)

• Enlargement of the city cemetery.

Medio Leasing

• Construction of a factory in Montegranaro destined to the production of heels for shoes. User/client: Karisia heel factory.

• Construction of a factory in Montegranaro. Client: GNV shoe makers.

City of Terni – Ati Giovannini

• Enlargement of the city cemetery of Terni.