The evolution of man began when he started communicating, and since the dawn of civilisation roads have been the most important means to facilitate communication making travelling faster and more comfortable.

The evolution of road building and the expansion of road networks have clo- sely followed the progress of humanity. The improvement of road buildings techniques and the advancement of technology, have considerably raised the quality of our roads, guaranteeing better safety standards. That’s why we be- lieve roads are the mirror of civilisation.

In the last few years we have dealt with an increasing number of projects which have regarded ring roads, noise barriers, water conveyance work, slip roads with metal or reinforced concrete frameworks, extraordinary main- tenance work, maintenance of underpasses, urgent interventions for the maintenance, conservation and increased efficiency of roads. Work has been carried out mainly in the central area of Italy (around Ancona) but also in the cities of Milan and in the Capital Rome and in the Abruzzo region.


A.N.A.S. Ancona
(local roads management authority)

•S.S. n° 76 dir “Connection to the airport

Raffaello Sanzio” Extraordinary maintenance works for the seismic upgrading of the Viaduct ”Chiaravalle”

•Ordinary maintenance National road S.S. 77 V Ar-Racc. Tol-Civ.

•Upgrading of National roads 73 BIS and 423 •Ordinary maintenance of the national road S.S. 4 and slip road Ascoli/Porto D’Ascoli.

•Reconstruction of supporting walls for slip road located in Monsampolo around

the area Ascoli Piceno/Porto D’Ascoli.

•Maintenance of escarpment affected by landslide on national road S.S. 433-210

•Ordinary maintenance of National road S.S 4.

•Extraordinary maintenance of slip road located in the area Tolentino-Civitanova. •Land consolidation on an area affected by landslides between km 35 and 41 in the area of Ascoli Piceno National road SS 443 Valdaso.

•Extraordinary and ordinary maintenance work on slip road located in the area Ascoli Piceno/ Porto d’Ascoli.

•Security barriers and placement of road panels on motorway flyover located between Ascoli and Porto d’Ascoli.

•Ordinary road surfacing of national roads 209-256-361.

•Reinforcement and reenabling of uneven escarpments regarding the Tolentino/ Civitanova motorway.

•Engineering work centre B Cap752.

•Building of slip road linking the A 14 motorway to the port of Ancona.

•Engineering works concerning the erection of noise barriers and conveyance of water.

Port authority of Ancona

•Road surfacing regarding the port of An- cona roads network.

Ministero LL.PP.-OO.MM Ministry of transports and infrastructures

•Restoration of docks and bays located in the port of Ancona.

Waterways authority for the Umbro-Tuscany regions and the city of Arezzo.

• Engineering works for the Franciscan road in the towns of Valfabbrica and Gubbio (PG).

City of Ancona

• Various extra-ordinary maintenance work carried out in the City of Ancona.

• Construction of slip road A located in the south facing north axis in the industrial area of Baraccola.

• Extraordinary maintenance work and renewal of roads and footpaths.

• Asphalt surfacing and ordinary maintenance work of main roads.

• Maintenance and renewal of a car park.

• Maintenance of roads and footpaths.

• Building of roundabouts in Via Mattei and Via Einaudi. Completion of urban viability in the port area.

• Engineering works to improve the viability of roads in the area of Torrette.

• Square XXIV Maggio. Construction of public car parks. Construction of road heading towards the Tavernelle cemetery.

• Work carried out regarding metal and reinforced concrete structures.

• Engineering and building work for slip road linking the north/south axis and the new national road heading towards Pescara.

City of Loreto (AN)

• Renewal of underpass.
• Building of a parking area for busses.

City of Cerreto d’Esi (AN)

• Extra-ordinary maintenance work for ur- ban and extra-urban roads.

City of Camerano (AN)

• Completion of crossroads in Direttissma del Conero road.

City of Chiaravalle (AN)

• Construction of a road linking the national road to road Cairoli.

City of Ancona

• Rejuvenation of tarmac underlayer and various road works alongside the “Acquasanta” B road.



City of Ancona

• Construction of a roundabout at the intersection between via Flavia and via Borsellino with completion of the ring road Totti.

City of Roccafluvione (AP)

• Construction of a water purification plant and of a drainage system. Re-enabling of the roads viability.

City of Porto San Giorgio (AP)

• Building of an underpass in via Marche.

City of Bevagna (PG)

• Road surfacing work, ordinary mainte- nance and layout of road signs.

City of Macerata

• Extraordinary maintenance work for re- structuring of provincial road n. 78.

City of L’Aquila

• Supply and installation of metallic barriers on the provincial road “Avezzano-Sora”.

City of Tornimparte (AQ)

• Building work to improve the town centre’s tourist attractions.

City of Rome

• Urgent interventions for extra-ordinary maintenance work carried out to improve the viability of important traffic arteries.

Teramo local administration authority

• Repaving of provincial road n. 42/b San Giorgio/Macchia Vomano.

• Surface dressing of provincial road S.P n.42/a San Giorgio/Macchia Vomano.

R.F.I.- National railways-Rome

•Underpass construction and related work on the railway line Chiusi Firenze in Co- mune di Pontassieve (FI) and construction of an underpass on the railway line Florence-Pisa in the town of Pontedera.

Viterbo local authority

• Maintenance of road shoulders, dips and upgrading of the provincial road’s viability S.P Sutrina.

City of Rovigo

• Extra-ordinary work carried out for the installation of safety barriers alongside the B roads network.

Polo Holding

• Construction of a roundabout in the area of Baraccola in the city of Ancona.

A.N.A.S. SPA Roads management authority

• National road n. 76 of Val d’Esino.

A.N.A.S. National Roads management authority-Rome

• Upgrading of road platform to comply to the rules and regulations of the natio- nal roads authority and construction of a traffic island in the Tiberina national road n. 3.

A.N.A.S. Bologna Roads management authority

• Extra-ordinary maintenance work of national road 309 and slip road on the Ferrara motorway.

A.N.A.S. Bologna Roads management authority Bologna

• Maintenance, substitution and upgrading of road safety guards on the slip road lo- cated on the national road 309 direction Ferrara/Pisa.

A.N.A.S. Florence Roads management authority Florence

• Engineering works carried out on the infrastructure of the national roads S.S 2 (Cassia) and S.S 73 (Senese-Aretina).

A.N.A.S. Perugia Roads management authority Perugia

• Maintenance work carried out on the na- tional road S.S 75 “Centrale Umbra”.

• Construction of a pedestrian underpass location Capitan Loreto.

A.N.A.S. Roads management authority Marche region

• Maintenance of a delimited area located in the city centre of the town of Pioraco.

• Maintenance and renewal of beltway between national road S.S 4 and the freeway Ascoli mare.

• Urgent maintenance interventions carried out for the upkeeping and to improve efficiency of the national road S.S 4, slip road Ascoli-Porto d’Ascoli and south- bound ring road of Ascoli Piceno.

A.N.A.S. for Marche region (Ancona)

• S.S. N° 76-Dir “Raccordo dell’Aeroporto Raffaello Sanzio”- Extraordinary maintenance of for seismic upgrading of the 20 viaduct “Chiaravalle”