The purpose of urban development projects should be to improve the quality of life of the whole community. The presence and level of commercial activities, social or leisure facilities, can often give a clear indication of the level of economic and social development reached by particular city, area or territory. Moreover the successive development of such facilities can themselves stimulate economic and social growth. We also believe that a city shouldn’t be called as such if can’t offer its inhabitants green areas or specific spaces dedicated to leisure activities. Ubaldi Costruzioni carries out primary urban development plans such as the creation of specific green areas, par- king areas and sewage systems. We also carry out works to implement all those urban infrastructures which have become essential to the life of any modern community.

Calepio Scavi Spa

• Urbanisation work carried out in the areas of “Piane di Chienti” e “Mezzina” in the area around the town of Monte- giorgio .

City of Alba Adriatica (TE)

• Engineering and building work carried out on the water drainage system.

Consortium “Ascoli produce” (AP)

• Urbanization plans carried out in the area ex-Novico.

GIMA Immobiliare srl

• Urbanisation plans carried out in the area of “Colle degli Olmi” situated in La Croce, Montegranaro.

Polo Holding

•External works carried out in the cinema complex and various urbanisation building works.

City of Montemarciano (AN)

• Primary urbanisation plans carried out in the area of San Pietro.

City of Camerino (MC)

• Urbanisation plans carried out in the industrial area (PIP) of the city Camerino.

City of Ancona

• Urbanization works carried out in Varano

• Urbanisation and lots division projects carried out in Consarca.

• Completion of urbanisation projects carried out in the areas 1- 2- 3 situated in Monte d’Ago.

• Construction and management of a car park and the surrounding infrastructures located in the industrial area PIP of Ancona.

Consortium Of Urbanization Apl3

• Works of primary and secondary urbani- zation APL3 - PPE Zone falling within the APL3 district in the municipality of Ancona.

Consortium “La Favorita”
Consortium “Amici Di Pontelungo”

•Urbanisation work carried out in the area of APL 19-ZTO 18 “La Favorita” – Candia (AN).

Marche Region

• Urbanization works and foundation works relative to the area 6 of Spelonga of the municipality of Arquata Del Tronto, for the realization of emergency residential structures (SAE).

Marche Region

• Urbanization works and foundation works relative to the area 1 - SAE Ussita (MC) locality Pieve capuluous for the positioning of N. 68 emergency residential structures.