In recent years there have been an increasing number of reports about hydrogeological risks: a number of anthropic factors and natural factors such as flooding, have led to a change in the echo-system and as a consequence landscapes have become increasingly vulnerable to erosion and soil instability. Ubaldi Costruzioni has carried out a number of engineering projects such as soil consolidation and erosion control on areas affected by land sliding phenomena, conveyance and storage of water in waterway systems, arterial drainage maintenance programmes, and engineering work in areas affected by earthquakes. All these projects are representative of the company’s commitment towards solving problems caused by natural phenomena, when ordinary or extra-ordinary maintenance work interventions are required. Ubaldi Costruzioni also undertakes specific projects for the maintenance or completion of water treatment plants and the maintenance and extension of sewer systems. Once the project is completed, it can also carry out ground maintenance work to address problems generated by waterworks engineering projects such as road maintenance and roads viability.

Regione Marche - Servizio Decentrato OO.PP. e Difesa del Suolo (AP)

• Engineering works carried out eliminate risks connected to hydrogeological problems in the areas surrounding the towns of Montegiorgio, Grottazzolina e Magliano di Tenna.

• Containment of the river Ete in the area surrounding the town of Ponzano di Fermo.

A.N.A.S. Ancona

• Extra-ordinary maintenance work carried out for the purpose of water containment around a junction in proximity of the industrial area A of Civitanova Marche (MC).

• Construction of a variant of National road S.S. 77, and maintenance of road parapet.

City of Miciglianao (RIETI)

• Maintenance of a road ditch located in “Valle dei Majori”.

Multiservizi S.P.A (AN)

• Renovation of technological network located in Via Lamaticci in the city of Ancona.

Province of Macerata

• Maintenance work carried out in the b road linking Porto Recanati with Numana.

Land reclamation Consortium of Tronto

•Maintenance of public works in the area of Ascoli-Montegallo.

Regione Marche - Genio Civile (AP)

• Intervention for the re-opening of the drainage system for the river Ete in the towns of Porto S. Giorgio and Fermo.

City of Acquaviva Picena (AP)

• Completion and layout of water purifi- cation plant, and drainage system for the water separation and upgrading of viabi- lity in the area after the completion of the project.

City of Roccafluvione (AP)

• Water purification plant, expansion of the drainage system.

Multiservizi Spa (AN)

• Purification of waistewater in the areas belonging to the CIS consortium

• Upgrading of the purification plant in Monsano di Jesi.

City of Montegranaro (AP)

• Construction of a purification plant and of 11 km of the city drainage system.

CIIP SPA Cicli “Integrati Impianti Primari SPA” (AP)

• Implementation of various sewage systems and purification plant at the service of the town of Monte Rinaldo and construction of a percolator filter in the Moregnano area in the City of Petritoli.

• Completion work sewer Zone P.E.E.P. Piane di Morro - Ferretti area in the City of Folignano

• Collector at the bottom of the valley between Ponte Tesino and the City of Rotella